2023 Ford Super Duty

2023 Ford

Super Duty


offer car


Built for you and your day to day work needs in mind.


led headlights

Re-envisioned Front End

This stylish new grille comes in 7 variations. C-shaped day-time lighting components and LED headlights have been included.

18-inch gloss-black wheels

Wheel Size

Premium models include 17 inch wheels with forge aluminum painted hub covers outside an inner steel wheel.

fastback-inspired roofline

Responsive Mirrors

Feel more assured that the view on both sides stays clear with the addition of heated glass and brightly lit turn signal indicators.

Integrated Steps

Feel safer with all new added rear bumper steps as well as the 3 inch lower tail gate step. Side steps are included as well.

Spacious interior ideal for work and comfort

With optional software packages and premium seat surfaces, the Super Duty is sure to provide an efficient and yet comfortable approach to the job at hand.


Real Time Display

Be alert with data in real time. Critical data is now shown on the windshield.


Laptop Mount

Bring office work on the go with the new swivel laptop table available.


Seats adjustment.

Max-Recline® seats are included and provide nearly horizontal recline.

heated front seats

Center Slot

Holding your tablet is now more than ever easier with the center slot.

one-touch power moonroof

B&O® Sound System

Standard on the 2023 Super Duty King Ranch®, and above, Premium Sound System by B&O®

dual-zone climate control

Premium Seating

Pick from a variety of select cloths seats or go all out and choose fine leather.

60 40 split rear seatback

5G Super Duty

For the first time in US history, enjoy the luxury of 5G connected capability. Enjoy faster downloads, navigation, mapping, and much more.



Tech For You.

Never Miss a Hitch Again

Automatically back up and align your truck to meet your hitch in one try with the Back Up Hitch Assistant.

navigation system

Bird’s Eye View

See everything on all sides with the 360 Degree Trailer Camera System.

android autointegration

Backup Alerts and Sensors

See the objects behind you with the Tailgate Down Camera and Reverse Sensing System.


FordPass™ App

The FordPass is a complimentary app that allows you to start/stop engine, lock/unlock, monitor fuel level, oil life and much more, all from you Smart phone.

bose premium sound system

Extra Power

2.0 volt power outlets provide juice enough to power a range of handheld devices and tools.

usb audio interface

View From Your Blind Spots

Get a view from either side mirror like never before with the Blind Spot Information System attached to your trailer.


Where will your next adventure be?


60 40 split rear seatback

Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission

This 10 speed automatic Torqshift® transmission will serve you in the harshest of towing conditions and is standard on all Super Duties. Gear ratio spans much higher than your typical 6 speed.

60 40 split rear seatback

Four Wheel Flavors

Standard four wheel drive comes with models above baseline XL trims. XL offroad enthusiasts can still get some of the action with the offroad package which features 33 inch offroad tires,water fording vent tubes, rear electronic locking differential and much more.

paddle shifters

6.7 liter Diesel High Output

The 6.7 High Output Diesel muscles a staggering 1200lbs of torque and 500hp. The base V-8 gas engine musters an incredible 445lbs of torque and 405hp.

3-mode drive system

New to Tremmor

Included in the Tremmor package, Turn Trail Assist will improve tight turns offroad. This is done with the help of brakes from the inner rear tire.


Towing Titan

Towing capacity is not a problem for the 2023 Ford Super Duty as its base model can pull up to 22k pounds while premium models can pull up to 40k pounds.

sport pedals

Powerful Payload

The 2023 Super Duty breaks new weight barriers with a staggering 8k pounds of potential payload capacity.


the honda sensing suite

Adaptive Cruise Control

Keep a safe distance from other cars at a preset speed with this safety feature. You slow when cars infront of you slow and accelerate back to preset speed when speeds up.

road departure mitigation systemrdm

Lane Keeping Alert

This system alarms you with a series of buzzing noises replicating a rumble strip to keep you colliding with someone outside of your own lane.

adaptive cruise controlaccwith low-speed follow

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Backing up is easier with the twist of a dial. Turn to the direction you wish to back up and Pro Trailer Backup Assist will respond accordinly.

collision mitigation braking system cmbs

Hill Descent Control

Go down a steep grade easier with Hill Descent Control. Brakes are applied when needed and when descending down a steep hill maintining speed to what was originally set.

lane keeping assist systemlkas

Auto High Beam Headlamps

These lamps will automatically light the way in poorly unlight areas with high powered beams and automatically sense and respond to other vehicle headlights.

traffic sign recognitiontsr

Blind Sport Assist

The Blind Spot Info Assist will alert you when one vehicle is beside the trailer and more importantly when another vehicle is within your blind spot coming from behind.




6.8L V8 Gas Engine

10-Speed Transmission

8″ Display with SYNC® 4

Box Side steps and Rear Corner Bumper step




ProTrailer Backup Assist

8 Way Power Driver Seat

Front Cloth 40/20/40 Split Bench Seats

Integrated Trailer Brake Controller




Driver/Passenger Leather Trimmed Front Seats

PowerScope Trailer Tow Mirrors

LED Headlamps and Taillamps

360-Degree Camera Package



King Ranch

Ford Co-Pilot Tow Technology

Tailgate Down Camera/Reverse System

B&O® Sound System

110V/150W AC power outlet




Power Deployable Running Boards

Heated/Ventilated Seats

2.0lW Pro Power Onboard

12″ Digital Instrument Cluster




6.7 High Output Powerstroke® V8 Diesel Engine

Power Twin-Panel Moonroof

12″ Display with SYNC® 4

Admiral Blue/Light Mesa Slate Leather Seats



2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN

The Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN. Offers unprecedented comfort with gracious space, the 2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN, from Rusty Wallace Ford can handle what’s to come

The new 2023 Super Duty has been redesigned to fit a more boxy and sleek appearance. Re-imagined thoroughly, the grill now boasts a dark rectangular stripe patter which is pure black for the standard XL model. Higher models sport the more elite chrome finish. Along with the new grill design, comes components such as the C-shape lighting components and the addition of LED lights. Wheels come in a range between 17 to 20 inches depending on the model of super duty. Standard XL wheels include 17″ Argent painted steel wheels with painted hub Covers and center ornaments. Premium models XLT+ will have 20″ polished and dark Carbonized gray high-gloss painted aluminum wheels with black hub covers and center ornaments. Side external mirrors for XL and XLT include heated glass as well as integrated clearance lamps/turn signals. For more premium models, these mirrors besides the features included in the base models, include high-intensity LED security approach lamps and side mirror spotlights. In addition to more advanced mirror functions, new steps have been now added onto the sides and the rear as an available.

New this year is the vastly upgraded interior for the 2023 Super Duty that brings comfort and convenience like never before. For starters, in the driver’s side for select models, real time data including speed directly onto the driver’s windshield. Electronics such as center console iPad slots are also included. Working from computers are also thought of with this interior as now laptops have their own swivel table in the center of the front of the cab. Multiple usb plugins also come with this new interior as well as for first time in the US, 5g capability is now possible. Included with this for select models comes the digital instrument cluster as well as the 12″ display with SYNC® 4.For sound on select models, the B&O® Sound System is included. For comfort, enjoy the now nearly horizontal Max-Recline® seats that nearly recline to a horizontal line.

Now more than ever before has technology been finally realized within the confines of the light diesel/gas truck and it comes from the new implemented technology packages and functions that are included in the 2023 Super Duty. One of these innovative technologies is the Back Up Hitch Assist system that comes with select models. This system uses a dial to automatically back the whole truck up to perfectly align with the ball hitch. This makes that long endearing task of getting the ball on the hitch just right a breeze. Moving to the next incredible feature, the new 360 Degree Trailer Camera System is an optional package feature on select models that places a total of 4 cameras on your trailer that present a bird’s eye view of your entire truck and trailer. This better ensures surveillance for potential incoming hazards as well as preventing potation jack-knifing or trailer run in with other cars. Another camera feature on select trucks comes in the form a tailgate camera or formally called the Tailgate Down and Reverse Sensing System. This system monitors the backside area of your truck and the objects near it as well as sensing any potential obstacles while backing up. For added convenience, the FordPass&trade app can be to allow you to start/stop engine, lock/unlock, monitor fuel level, oil life and much more, all from your smartphone. Additionally, for blind spots, there is the new Blind Spot Information System or BSLIS.This system views both sides of your blind spot to monitor for incoming vehicles on either side of the road as well as vehicles that are directly beside your trailer. This system is available in select models and is also automatically included in premium models. Additional new features include Smart Hitch and Trailer Navigation. Smart Hitch allows you to accurately estimate the total weight in real time and gives guidance on trailer tongue weight distribution on platforms such as the center screen, the FordPass&trade app, as well as the taillights themselves. Finally, Trailer Navigation allows you to enter into the center console, trailer dimension information to better assign a route that will provide no height or width issues for your trailer. Along with all of these comes power outlets with 2.0kW for external hand-held devices or portable hand tools.

Performance shatters the competition for this year’s heavy truck. Every model of the 2023 Super Duty brings seriousness to the table with the amount of torque and horsepower output. The base model itself can muscle up 445 pounds of torque and 405hp. Even more impressive is the premium diesel engine Ford has come out with. That is the 6.7L Power stroke® turbodiesel with it’s 1200 pounds of torque and 500hp Still, other features are notable with the performance of this year’s Super Duty. For one, the 10 speed UpTorque® automatic transmission is impressive as it’s ratios are much higher than you 6 speed truck. This is because of the greater aid more gears provide with towing in harsher conditions. More gears equates to more control over the disengagement of the current gear and more importantly greater pull up a steep grade and down it as well. With that said, off-road capabilities are now with every model above the Ford Super Duty XL. Still, off-road packages are available for the Ford Super Duty XL which include 33″ off-road tires, water fording vent tubes, rear electronic differential, and much more. One off-road package worth mentioning is the Tremors package which as of next year will include a new assist type of system for offroad handling. This system known as Turn Trail Assist will improve tight turns off-road with the help of brakes from the inner wheel. It cannot be overlooked at the towing and payload capacity of the 2023 Super Duty, particularly the 6.7L High Output engine. Towing capacity for the 6.7L comes at a jaw-dropping 40k pounds and a payload of 8k pounds.

Rusty Wallace Ford is pleased to offer the 2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN, for test drives. Stop in today to learn more about the 6 trim levels, which includes the Ford Super Duty XL,XLT,Lariat,King Ranch®, Platinum and Limited. The 2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN is powered by 6.8L gas V8 Engine for base models and is powered with a 6.7L High Output Powerstroke® Diesel Engine for premium models. With the base 6.8 V8 engine, expect a great deal of horsepower which comes out at 445 pounds of torque and 405hp. If you desire the very best, try the 6.7 Powerstroke®, which brings a staggering 1200 pounds of torque and 500hp.Combined with the 10 speed Torque shift automatic transmission, this ride is sure to bring the power and smoothness to the table. This Roomy Super Duty can seat up to 3 people for a single cab and 6 people with a crew cab. Either way, this truck will make you feel at home with its 5g device accessibility as well as its comfortable seats which nearly recline almost to a almost prefect horizontal line and integrated box slide steps and rear corner bumper steps. The Ford XLT includes features such as the Pro Trailer Backup Assistant, 8 way power driver seat, front cloth 40/20/40 split bench seats, and a integrated trailer brake controller to name a few. Ford’s Lariat includes features such as driver and passenger leather trimmed front seats, power scope trailer tow mirrors, LED headlamps and taillamps, the 360 Degree Camera System package, and much more. The King Ranch includes such features including Ford Co-Pilot Tow Technology, the Tailgate Down and Reverse Sensing System, the B&Oreg Sound System, and a 110V/150W AC power outlet. Ford’s Platinum includes power deployable running boards, heated and ventilated seats, 2.0kW power outlet, and a 12″ digital instrument cluster. Finally, Ford’s Limited comes the 6.7L V8 High Output Power stroke® Turbodiesel that pushes 1200 pounds of torque and 500hp. This also comes with a power-twin panel sunroof, a 12″ display with SYNC® 4, and a Admiral Blue and Light Slate Mesa leather seats.

What Ford dealers have the 2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN?

We in fact do! Schedule a test drive of the 2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN, and enjoy all of the safety features this vehicle has to offer, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Alert, Pro-Trailer Backup Assist, Hill Descent Control, Auto Beam Handlamps and blind spot assist. Adaptive Cruise Control keeps a safe distance from other cars at a preset speed by slowing when traffic slows and speeding when traffic speeds up to the preset speed. Lane Keeping Alert alarms you with a series of buzzing noises replicating a rumble strip to keep you colliding with someone outside of your own lane. Pro Trailer Back Up Assist responds to a dial inside the cab that moves the truck according to where you turn to. Hill Descent Control assists in applying brakes when going down a steep grade. This ensures a a speed relative but not over the originally set speed. With Auto High Beam Headlamps, lights will respond to lighting conditions accordingly to the level of brightness and will respond to oncoming vehicle lights to properly dim at the right time. Finally, Blind Spot Assist will alert you when one vehicle is beside the trailer and more importantly when another vehicle is within your blind spot coming from behind. These features are included in select models.

Where can I test drive a 2023 Ford Super Duty Dandridge, TN?

You can now test drive the 2023 Ford Super Duty in \Dandridge, TN, from Rusty Wallace Ford. We are confident that you’ll love the innovative features of this leading class vehicle.


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*Always visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up; the rearview camera display does not provide complete information about all conditions and objects at the rear of your vehicle



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