Maintenance and Care Tips To Keep Your Ford Model at Peak Performance All Winter Long


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Many motorists will tell you that properly preparing ones’ car for winter is important, but they may not be able to tell you why. For example, did you know that colder weather can thicken the consistency of your engine oil, and make it more difficult to do its job? If not, it might be time to brush up on your prep for the season ahead. But don’t worry too much about playing catch up. Rusty Wallace Ford has you covered.

Similar to how we help our shoppers navigate the ins and outs of complex financing situations, our dealership also helps our drivers keep their trusty Ford car, truck, or SUV primed for whatever mother nature has in store as we stray further from warmer weather. But if you’re finding yourself playing catch up, you can rest assured that most of the mechanical parts can be covered quickly at our service center.

If your oil level is low, or if you’re approaching your recommended service interval for your particular model, we strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment. In addition to increased oil thickness in cold weather, the natural tendency to collect dirt particles and other pollutants can turn free-flowing oil into sludge that can clog and decrease the performance of your engine. Seeing to this, as well as service to your brakes, wiper blades, battery, and climate control can also be helpful, and lessen the chances of a dangerous situation or breakdown.

But if there’s one question we get asked more than when more Focus RS models will become available, it’s about whether such all-wheel drive vehicles require snow tires. While many drivers believe AWD or 4WD protects them from any traction loss, all-season tires are designed with tread patterns and rubber that aren’t as suited for colder temperatures. With a good set of winter rubber on your hubs, you won’t just have confidence in forward momentum, but improved braking performance and overall stability, too. Yes, it can even help owners of the new Explorer with intelligent all-wheel drive and the Terrain Management System set to its “Snow” setting.

Don’t be caught off guard by Old Man Winter (or the White Walkers, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan). Take some time to look at your schedule, and then contact us to set up your service appointment. To learn more about our models or the services our Ford dealership in Dandridge, TN offers, we can be reached by phone or live chat at your convenience.

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